Collection: Vocal Presets

Vocal Presets are

  • Prearranged channel strip settings crafted to sound like something specific.
  • Typically designed to replicate a specific artists sound (ex. Drake, Young Thug etc.)
  • A learning tool for new producers who want to study how great engineers mix vocals.
  • An asset for vocalists to instantly achieve better vocals


Vocal Presets are made up of different creative effects that when added together enable the artist to achieve a specific result. Vocal Presets typically include; EQ, Compressors, Limiters, Saturators, Pitch Correction and any assortment of other creative effects. 


The goal for a vocal preset is to get the vocal to a starting point to where the artist can fine tune the specific settings to their personal taste. 


In a nutshell, the singer/vocalist brings their tone to the party and the vocal preset brings everything else. To this point you can essentially use a Lil Peep vocal preset or a Gunna vocal preset and sound like your own version of that style. This is the same concept as using synthesizer presets. If you download a Chainsmokers serum preset pack you won't necessarily sound like the Chainsmokers, but you will have the tools to create your own songs out of their sounds. Vocal presets enable you to do this with your voice. 


Utilizing vocal presets allow you to quickly create your own relevant style. You can make a song with a Juice Wrld vocal preset, achieve his vibe, and sound like yourself.


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