Collection: Pro Tools Vocal Presets

Hi Music Maker, 

Thank you for checking out, our goal is to make your vocals sound great instantly. 

We offer vocal presets on the site. Basically, vocal presets are pre-built vocal chains aka channel strips that you can throw on your vocals to make them sound great immediately. 

The idea is to enable music makers like yourself the ability to solely focus on making music and be creative. 

Early when I started making music I had no idea how to make my vocals sound like the radio. I would record my voice into Pro Tools and would always be disappointed by the end result. I just wanted to focus on the creative part. I had no idea how to use EQ, Compression, Reverb or any of that stuff. It was a huge pain. 

Fast forward 15 years later, I noticed artists and musicians are still having the same problem. The only thing that has changed is that music software has gotten cheaper and music making has become more accessible. This has perpetuated the issue that I experienced in my early days of music making as the amount of new musicians has exponentially grown. 

Our vocal presets enable you to focus on just making music. Some users use our vocal presets to get instant gratification results, some use them to learn to mix, others use them so that they have a starting point when a vocalist comes in ready to record. These offer instant inspiration. 

If a vocalist isn’t vibing with one of the vocal presets you can simply flip through them until a vocalist is inspired. This gives them instant gratification and allows for a better, more creative experience all around. 

We introduced Pro Tools compatibility with all of our vocal presets in October of 2020. Our users had been asking for months and so we made a prompt decision to make these more inclusive as this has always been an overall mission for the team. 

If you would like to try them out, feel free to check out our free vocal preset, big drip, here. 

As an fyi, unlike other vocal presets websites, we don’t make you choose which DAW you have. If you download a vocal preset from the site, you get the presets compatible with all DAWs. That means if you decide you want to switch DAWs to Ableton in 4 months, these presets will also be compatible with Ableton. 

Anyways, after you download the free preset, feel free to checkout some of our other Pro Tools vocal presets below!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out,


- Ryan