Collection: Logic Pro Vocal Presets

Hi Fam,

Here you'll find the best Logic Pro Vocal Presets on the internet.

Our presets are created by a team of producers. The idea for the site came from a discussion one of my friends had with a Sony ATV producer in the studio.

The producer asked my friend "yo, you got any presets I could use on vocals?". Unfortunately my friend didn't have any to give him and didn't know where to get them either. That's when was born.

Whether you're a new artist unsure how to mix your vocals in Logic Pro, or you're a seasoned producer just looking for some instant gratification while using Logic Pro in the studio, you're in luck. We made sure to optimize all of our vocal preset packs for Logic Pro. Not only that, but our vocal presets that use pitch correction actually enable you to use the pitch correction plugins of your choice. You could use Logic Pro's native "Logic Pitch" or you can use any pitch correction plugins from Antares Autotune, MAutoPitch, Nectar etc. The world is your oyster. Be creative.

The genesis behind making these vocal presets compatible with not only Logic Pro but Ableton, Studio One, Pro Tools and FL Studio is because the landscape is too fragmented. We understand that sometimes producers switch DAWs, therefore we don't want to make anyone commit to getting any specific preset format type. All of the vocal presets on the site come with vocal presets compatible with all major daws and pitch correction plugins.

Get some free Logic Pro vocal presets and check em out for yourself!