Collection: Free Vocal Presets

Taking the internet by storm, these free vocal presets are the go-to for thousands of artists and producers all over the world. 


The goal is to assist artists and producers with getting premium sounding radio vocals without the need to have years of mixing experience in order to do so. These vocal presets use stock plugins from your favorite DAW of choice, and allow you to use your favorite pitch correction plugins if you would like. 


If you’re just getting started with vocal presets, they basically combine pre-saved EQ, Reverb, Compressor and Delay settings to get your vocals sounding top notch instantly. 


Q: How can that be? Aren’t most people’s voices unique?

A: Yes, everyone’s voice is unique. But, these presets offer a starting point that will cut 84% of the work out. You may want more reverb or you may want less compression. It’s easy to change, just open up the presaved reverb setting and turn it down. Or, if you want less compression, just open the presaved compressor setting and increase the threshold. These presets are intuitive and were designed for anyone to be able to easily comprehend. If you have questions, hit me up. 


Easily editable and tailored, these presets make editing and mixing vocals a breeze. Some producers like to use them so that they can learn how to mix vocals, others like to use these presets so that they can get great sounding vocals without needing to get caught up in the weeds. Whatever your goal is, these presets are worth trying out. They’re free. Check out this free vocal preset right now! If you have any issues feel free to hit me  

if you’re unsure check out our homie L.Dre using them. Peep the video below.