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My name is Ryan. I run 

We create “vocal presets” which are essentially prebuilt channel strip settings that producers and artists can use to instantly sound like their favorite artists (think Gunna, Kid Laroi, Travis Scott). 

Basically how it works is you download one of the vocal presets on the site, drag them into FL Studio and then you're good to go. Your vocal is already mixed to sound like whichever artist your new preset is designed to sound like. 

If you're thinking “But everyone’s voice is different, how can it mix MY voice”, you're right. Everyone’s voice is different and you can feel free to edit the settings if you wish.

Some music makers use vocal presets as an instant gratification tool to get great vocals instantly, some music makers use it as a starting point (they edit the preset but have it do most of the heavy lifting), other music makers use it as a learning tool to learn how to mix vocals. 

In short, there are multiple reasons for why you might want to try vocal presets. 

The concept of and what separates it from the other vocal presets sites out there is that not only do we have the highest quality vocal presets (through our unique quality control process), but these presets are the most inclusive vocal presets on the planet! 

What does that mean?

When you download a vocal preset on the internet, other websites make you choose which DAW you have and give you the vocal preset corresponding with that DAW. For example if you have FL Studio, you only get the vocal preset for FL Studio. But what if you change your mind. What if you want to use Logic Pro or Ableton or maybe Studio One. With them it’s a problem, you have to go through the purchase process again and they will ask for more of your money. Not with us. When you download one of our vocal presets you get the vocal preset for FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Studio One and Pro Tools. 

On top of that, we give you even more when you download our vocal presets.

What does that mean?

When you go to other websites on the internet you will need a pitch correction plugin to use their vocal presets (they don’t tell you this by the way). Pitch correction plugins do not come with FL Studio. So to use their vocal presets you need to go to Autotune’s website and fork over $400 for their pitch correction software in order to use your vocal preset. We don’t work like that. We’re inclusive. This is all about making this easy for you. 

We do require you to have a pitch correction plugin. But you can choose. And it’s free with us. If you have Autotune, great, these presets will work with it. If you don’t have any pitch correction software and don’t want to buy one, that’s great too. There is a site called that has a free pitch correction product called “MAutoPitch”, completely free. You just download it and install it, it’s simple. Our vocal presets work for MAutoPitch, Autotune (all versions), Nectar 3, Waves-Tune and more. We want this to work for you so you can choose which one you want to use. We flex to your workflow. 

How does that work?

In every preset download you get over 46 vocal preset variants (included). These variants are broken down into folders so that you can easily navigate and find the one that is designed for your system. 

This process took forever! And is partially what makes popular on the internet. 

Anyways, rant over. Here’s a free vocal preset if you want to try it out. 


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Here's an installer tutorial so you can see how it works...