Collection: Ableton Vocal Presets

Once a rarity, Ableton Vocal Presets have been something we have made available since the beginning of the site. 


When I started producing, all of my friends were using either Logic Pro X or Ableton. It has always been important to make as inclusive as possible and so Ableton Vocal Presets were something we felt the internet needed. 


Early on in my journey my friend Kyle was in the recording studio with a Sony producer and the producer asked Kyle "do you have any vocal presets I could have?". This was a professional at the highest level asking for presets to use in sessions. I was pretty shocked. I figured he would make channel strips from scratch, not use presets. 


What I soon realized was that the studio workflow is so fast paced that this producer doesn't have time to make new channel strips every time. When a vocalist says "i'm ready to go in the booth", it's expected that the vocal settings are going to be ready to go immediately. This is where presets come in. They enable big producers to flip through settings quickly to get the artists creative juices going without having to dive into the weeds of the engineering. Sometimes not being ready immediately will be detrimental to the creative flow established between a producer and the artist. 


This producer was using Ableton at the time of the session. We want to ensure that all producers and artists have the same opportunity to up their vocal game with these Ableton Vocal Presets. 


Check out some free ones on the site. 


Check out a tutorial of our friend L.Dre using them below!