Wasted (Pro Bundle)

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What is it?

Swag out your vocals with the new Wasted vocal preset. Ideal for upgrading rap vocals with an edge, Wasted is designed for professional artists creating music based in the Atlanta rap scene. With an ear for detail we made sure this preset embodied the aggressive reverbs, heavy Autotune and crisp equalizers that are essential to sounding like a rap caviar chart topper. This preset will have you drippin’ in no time.

How does it work?

Wasted utilizes the stock plugins that come with your audio workstation and Autotune (Autotune 8 or Pro). If you have Logic Pro X, FL Studio 20 or Ableton Live 10 + Autotune this will work for you. We included preset files for all 3 DAWs. If you have any questions feel free to reach out through our contact page.


What is a Pro Bundle?

The Wasted Pro Bundle comes with Wasted Pro Preset + Wasted Ad-Lib Preset + Wasted Mastering Preset. These presets are the exact presets we used in the creation of this song. Now you can use them on your next hit!


How do you get it?

After your purchase, the Wasted Pro Bundle will be delivered to you via email. This is an electronic download so delivery is easy. You will receive it in 5 minutes or less.


Must have 1 of these 3 DAWs;

- FL Studio 20

- Logic Pro X

- Ableton Live 10

- Autotune 8

- Comes with preset install guide 

More benefits for you


Sound better instantly. No mixing required. Period.


Simple to install,
easy to use


Created by a network of musics best producers and engineers

Presets included for Ableton, FL Studio and Logic Pro


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