Your Love (Pro Bundle)

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What is it?

It’s finally here, the punk rock vocal preset. If you’ve been trying to achieve Machine Gun Kelly, 347 aiden, or Green Day type vocals this preset is for you. We collaborated with YouTube pop punk rock artist Dave Days to craft a vocal preset designed for aggressive rock vocals. This is an officially licensed collaboration. This preset is authentic, uses subtle pitch correction and is designed specifically for loud punk rock vocals. If you’re looking for soul smashing compressors, short slap delays and monstrous reverbs that enhance your vocals, this preset is for you. 

What is a Pro Bundle?

The Your Love Pro Bundle comes with Your Love Pro Preset + Your Love Ad-Lib Preset + Your Love Mastering Preset. Create your next banger with the Lead Vocal, Ad-Lib and Mastering presets used in the song above. Pro Bundle Mastering Preset is the exact mastering preset we used to master "Your Love", now you can use it on your next hit!


How does it work?

This preset is compatible with FL Studio 20, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 10, Pro Tools 2020 and Presonus Studio One 5. Your Love utilizes the stock plugins that come with your music production software and a pitch correction plugin of your choice. You can use Autotune (any version), Nectar 3, Waves Tune Real-Time, MAutoPitch or Logic Pitch. See below for the full list of compatible pitch correction plugins. We included preset files for all 5 DAWs. The presets are neatly organized into folders so that it’s easy to find the one that’s designed for your system. If you have any questions feel free to reach out through our contact page.


How do you get it?

After your purchase, the Your Love (Pro Bundle) will be delivered to you via email. This is an electronic download so delivery is easy. You will receive it in 5 minutes or less.


*Pitch Correction Plugins; Autotune Pro, Autotune 8.1, Autotune Artist, Autotune EFX, Autotune Access, Izotope Nectar 3, WavesTune Real-Time, MAutoPitch Free, or Logic Pitch Free. 


Must have 1 of these 5 DAWs;

- FL Studio 20

- Logic Pro X

- Ableton Live 10

- Presonus Studio One 5

- Pro Tools 2020

- Comes with preset install guide 

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Sound better instantly. No mixing required. Period.


Simple to install,
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Created by a network of musics best producers and engineers

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