Where to find free vocal presets

In this article i'll share with you my top 5 places to get free vocal presets on the internet.


Vocal presets are a great addition to any artists creative arsenal, they're getting more popular by the day. A great vocal preset will save you your most precious asset, time. 


Without further adieu let's get to it. 


1. Facebook

 This is my favorite place to get vocal presets. There are private groups that you can join on Facebook where community members swap vocal presets. Please be careful if you decide to do this. Since you can swap vocal presets with virtually anyone, you may want to vet the swapper before opening the file to make sure it's not a virus. Private groups are great because some users are making great vocal presets that can really take your music to the next level. If you're looking for a private facebook group to join, we created one linked here Vocal Presets Community. There's over 2,000 members in that group. We post free vocal presets aggregated from the community from time to time. 


2. Discord

My second favorite way to get free vocal presets is in Discord groups. Discord is great. If you don't already use it I highly suggest it. Discord is essentially a live chat room where you can discuss topics with likeminded people. There are some Discord's built around music production and vocal presets. In these groups you can get free vocal presets from other users as well as the group itself. Sometimes the group admins will highlight some vocal presets at the top of the page so that it's easy to grab them. 

3. Youtube

This may seem obvious to some but if you have not tried Youtube it can be a great resource. Youtube is flooded with vocal presets tutorials that you can follow to get some free vocal presets. The only negative is that you need to watch the tutorials so it isn't exactly instant gratification, but if learning is your thing, go check it out. There are some great influencers on Youtube that walk you through all the steps needed to create your own vocal presets. They're usually very intuitive and are customized to your DAW.


4. Reddit

I have a mixed relationship with Reddit. Sometimes users can be super harsh but sometimes they can also be helpful. Vocal presets is a space where time and time again they prove to be super helpful. If you are looking for some free vocal presets try Googling "Free Vocal Presets" and click on one of the Reddit links that pop up. Free vocal presets already posted by Reddit users should pop up. In my opinion this is the easiest way to get some free vocal presets. A huge positive to this is that most of them have been pre-vetted by the Reddit community so you can see in the comments if they liked them or not. 


5. VocalPresets.com

This is a shameless plug tbh. Had to do it. We have free vocal presets on the site. I highly suggest you check them out. There's no catch, we made them free to get users at the start and ended up just keeping them free. The most popular free vocal preset on the site is Big Drip. Maybe start there. If you don't like it that's fine but it's a resource if you want to use it. 


My thoughts on where to get free vocal presets

I'm not a huge fan of the Youtube tutorials. I like to get straight to the point and i'm a sucker for instant gratification. I'll typically go in Facebook groups and Discord and download as many free vocal presets as I can and when i'm in the studio cycle through them really fast to find my favorite. For me this has proven to be the best way to jog my creativity. Sometimes when I watch the tutorials I have a plan for a song going into it but after the tutorial is finished i'm either uninspired or totally forgot the idea I had. That's just my 2 cents though. If you want to watch them to learn how to make your own vocal presets I think that's a great idea. I'm always supportive of learning.

Where do you find free vocal presets?

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