Vocal Presets for Studio One

Hi VP fam, 

Over the last few months you have been requesting vocal presets for Presonus Studio One. 

We’re happy to announce that vocal presets for Studio One are coming... 

In September. 

We’re currently in the process of updating all of our vocal presets to include Studio One presets. We hope that this will enable more people to use the presets and make great music. We want to make VocalPresets.com as inclusive as possible. 

This process has been intense. We’re going through all of our presets we created for Ableton, FL Studio and Logic Pro X. We’re analyzing the plugin settings both visual and sonically. This means that just because an EQ is boosted 2db at 425hz in a specific preset in the FL Studio version, does not mean that it will also be boosted the same in the Presonus preset. We are analyzing the nuances of each digital audio workstation and mirroring the settings sonically.. This ensures that each vocal preset will sound consistent from one DAW to the next and is a mark of our dedication to the quality we are determined to bring you. 


Vocal Presets for Studio One


After we announce the release, all preset download files will automatically come with a preset for Ableton, Logic Pro X, FL Studio and Presonus Studio One. This is taking a lot of work on our behalf so bear with us for a few more weeks. It will be 100% worth it. 

We’re hopeful that this addition will continue to help make us your favorite destination for vocal presets on the internet. 





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