How to make vocals wide

This trick took me a while to learn.


It’s actually quite simple.


The thing that held me back was thinking that vocals always needed to be mono. This is a rule of thumb, not mandatory.


Mono vocals standout in context of the track and are easy to understand for the listener.


So with that in mind here’s how to make your vocals wide.


  1. Have a mono recorded vocal


  1. Send that vocal to a bus


  1. Put a chorus plugin on the bus


  1. Make sure the “Mix” knob on the chorus plugin is at 100%


  1. Turn the volume up on the bus until you can hear the width start coming in


  1. Scroll through some presets and adjust the parameters to taste


  1. Add in as much width as you’d like


  1. Enjoy


Super straightforward. Put the chorus on a bus and send your vocal to it.


Works like a charm every time to be honest.


- Ryan

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