How to add depth to vocals like a pro

Hi VP fam, 

Depth in a recording is the third dimension that brings recordings back from sounding flat. 

I remember early in my production career I bought multiple books on Amazon in an attempt to learn how to add depth to my flat recordings and they left me feeling lost. Nothing worked. 

When producers refer to depth many can’t explain how to implement it, they just know it needs more of it. 

In this article we will learn how to easily implement it. If you wish to skip the article and watch a video tutorial, scroll down to the video tutorial we created below. 

Ok let’s get started…

The goal for adding depth is to add space subconsciously to a recording. 

  1. The first thing you want to do is set up a bus for the channel strip that you are looking to add space
  2. Turn the bus volume knob to 0db
  3. On that bus add your favorite reverb and turn the mix up all the way
  4. Add an EQ after the reverb
  5. Low cut the EQ to around 500hz
  6. High cut the EQ to around 1200hz
  7. The reverb should now just be sitting in the center (highs and lows cut out), take an additional cut with a bell shaped curve EQ at around 650hz. Take out a few db to taste
  8. You’re finished

The recording should now have a new sense of space. Since we surgically added the space on a bus it should sit in the back almost subconsciously in the mix. 

We use this trick all the time. Most professional producers use this trick religiously. 

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