Does Logic Pro have vocal presets?

Logic Pro is capable of including, but does not come pre-loaded with vocal presets. 

Vocal presets are pre-saved channel strips designed to mix your vocals instantly. Designed for instant gratification and creative inspiration, vocal presets have gotten extremely popular over the past couple years. This is mainly due to the rising popularity of Autotune heavy rap and pop music. 

Vocal presets give artists the ability to instantly turn their voice into an instrument and sound like their favorite rapper. 

These presets can be found in many places on the internet. The most popular is Reddit. Searching Reddit will present you with crowdsourced vocal presets created by artists and engineers that you can download and use on your own voice. 

Artists love to use vocal presets because they can offer instant inspiration. When in the studio, you can flip through a bunch of presets and settle on the one that you think sounds the coolest. This gives vocalists more dynamic and creative inspiration since they don’t have to solely rely on their own voice. They can lean on these presets to give them a new sound. 

Logic Pro is one of the most popular digital audio workstations that utilize vocal presets. Logic Pro does not come with vocal presets pre-loaded but does give users the ability to create and save their own. This also gives users the ability to trade and share vocal presets so that if they don’t have their own yet, they can get them from others. This is great because it crowdsources creativity and allows new artists the chance to learn from more experienced artists and producers. By downloading a vocal preset from an experienced engineer an artist can study the channel strip and tamper with the settings. This gives them the ability to learn at a faster rate than if they were to trial and error on their own. 

If you are looking for vocal presets to use in Logic Pro check out YouTube, Reddit and Facebook. There is a group on Facebook called “Vocal Presets Community” where users trade vocal presets they have created. 

In order to load up your new vocal preset into Logic Pro, watch a tutorial on YouTube. If you search “How to install vocal presets in Logic Pro” you will get many options that will show you how to do this. 

Once loaded up the rest of the process should be relatively straightforward. Plugin in your mic like you typically would and load up the vocal preset onto your channel strip. 

You’re now ready to go with your new vocal preset!

- Ryan
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