3 Creative Vocal Preset Techniques

Vocal mixing presets, also known as vocal presets, are a fantastic tool for instantly inspiring creativity. I have found they give artists a new perspective on their voice and enable them to focus on performance.

There are 3 creative ways I like to use vocal mixing presets. 

  1. Before recording
  2. During recording
  3. After recording

Let’s get into it. 

Before Recording

  • I prefer to use vocal mixing presets before an artist starts recording when they’re looking for a specific effect. For example, they may want to sound like Travis Scott or Summrs. Maybe they want to sound like Gunna, The Kid Laroi or Juice Wrld. If an artist is going for that specific vocal effect, it will help to have the vocal preset loaded up before recording so they can hear their vocal as they record. The effect will be a key source of inspiration.

During Recording

  • Using vocal presets while recording can also be a fun creative idea. When recording your artists vocals, try switching between a couple different vocal presets to see which sound the best on the track. Kind of like switching synth sounds after you have the MIDI recorded. You may find a sound that you like that you never thought of using. For example, a Gunna vocal preset might sound good over a $uicideboy$ beat.

After Recording

  • Another super creative way to use vocal presets is after recording. When you have your vocal all recorded, try switching between a couple vocal presets to see which fits the vibe the best. Take your favorite elements of each vocal preset and aggregate them together to create your own custom vocal preset. You can combine EQ settings with one vocal preset, reverb settings from another and maybe some delays to create your very own vocal preset. Don’t forget to save it!

Hope some of these tips were helpful. Good luck. 

As always, let me know if you need help trying one of these tips. 


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